Ground Level Storage Units: 9 Reasons to Rent on the First Floor

Every year, millions of people take advantage of storage units around the country. They help people move from house to house, find a new place when relocating for a new job, and offer a safe place for recreational items, RVs, and other items.

The proliferation of storage unit facilities has meant that property owners and businesses can find great options at affordable prices.

These days, you can find a storage unit facility with climate-controlled units, hi-tech security features, remote monitoring, and 24-hour access. You can rent different sizes and choose electronic keypad locks or find something more traditional that will save you money.

But what about multi-floor storage units? Which floor is the best to rent on?

The best spots in most storage unit facilities are located on the bottom floor. They offer fantastic access, usually have better security coverage and reliability. If you’re in the market for a new storage unit, getting a spot on the first floor delivers a lot of benefits, especially when time and convenience are priorities.

Here are 9 reasons you should rent your storage unit on the first floor. Let’s take a look!

storage units at the first floor of the storage facility

1. Ground Floor Units Are the Most Accessible

This reason is perhaps the most obvious. Ground floor units are easier to get to. You walk into the facility and it’s a short hike from there.

This is why a lot of storage unit facilities can charge a bit more for ground units. When you want to get things and put things inside your unit efficiently, then you can’t go wrong with a ground floor unit.

2. You Never Have to Deal with Elevators

If you’re on a higher floor, then you may be waiting around for elevators or dealing with size limitations because certain things just won’t fit in the elevator. With ground floor units, this is never an issue.

Elevators also sometimes break down or need maintenance. Fixing the elevator and keeping it up to date, though, is a must for facility owners and managers to keep people safe. If you don’t want to deal with elevators, then get a ground level unit.

security camera in a storage facility

3. Ground Floor Units Are Closer to Management & Security

Most storage facility managers will go to lengths to make sure all of their clients are happy. However, they can’t help the fact that ground floor units are closer to security offices and the management office.

Staff passes by ground floor units more often and response time is much shorter in the event anything goes wrong.

4. Some Ground Floor Units Have Drive Up Access

Depending on the storage facility, you may be able to rent a ground-floor storage unit with drive-up access. The ability to drive right up to your storage unit door is a gamechanger for people who need to go to their units often.

Imagine using a storage unit for inventory and having to hike boxes upstairs or down long hallways. When you can drive up to the door, getting work done is faster and easier.

storage facility

5. Larger Units Are Usually on the Ground Floor

Facility owners know they can command higher prices for ground floor units because of their convenience. As a result, the ground floor units are usually bigger than the upper units.

They go to businesses and people who are willing to spend a bit more because they need the space. If you need something bigger to store things like recreational vehicles, then a ground floor unit will serve you well.

6. Ground Floor Units Can Store Larger Items

With the added space, you can fit larger items inside ground-level units.

Think about it. In multi-floor storage units, you will have more limitations on what can go on upper floors. You probably won’t be able to store very heavy items higher up, and keeping things like motorcycles or other vehicles upstairs is unrealistic.

You simply have more options with ground-level units because you’re not dealing with structural limitations.

couple bringing boxes to their storage unit located at the first floor

7. You Can Skip the Stairs

Imagine moving couches, tables, and other large furniture items up the stairs into a second, or worse a third, level storage unit. Sure, you can save a bit of money by going higher up, but your back may end up paying the price.

Some people don’t get full value out of their upper-level storage units because they worry about how much trouble it’s going to be to move things in and out. You typically have to ask for help from friends or family for larger items.

This doesn’t happen with first-floor storage units. Things have to move a shorter distance, and you never have to deal with stairs. Often, your car is right there or just a short walk away. Save your back some pain and go with the first floor!

8. Ground Floor Storage Units Are Often Cleaner and Safer

This is a bit of an insider tip, but owners and managers will generally give ground floor units more attention. It’s not that the upper levels are neglected by any means, but they frequent the ground floor more often and want to keep things nice to give a good impression to existing and potential tenants.

It makes sense. More people are walking through the ground floors, and any problem like a piece of trash or a malfunctioning security camera will likely get immediate attention.

More eyes on the area also act as a deterrent to anyone looking to damage or take items from vulnerable storage units.

woman taping boxes outside her storage unit

9. Ground Floor Storage Units Are Easier to Cool

Depending on what you need to store in your storage unit, you may want a ground-level unit simply because they are easier to keep cool.

There are a lot of benefits to climate-controlled storage facilities. You’ll likely pay a higher price for something that has air conditioning, but it’s worth the price if you have sensitive items inside that need to be kept cool.

We’re taught in school that hot air rises and cold air falls. That means, in a multi-story storage facility, the lower floors get the benefit of science at work. The cold air sits better at the bottom level and makes keeping things cool much easier.

couple arranging their boxes at their storage unit

Making the Right Decision on Your Storage Unit

In the end, there are a lot of factors that go into making the call on what type of storage unit is best for you. Think about what type of items you’re going to be storing in your unit and work from there.

Storing snowmobiles, for example, is a lot different than keeping old comic books. What you’re putting into your storage unit will influence your decision.

You also want to think about how long you’re likely going to be storing things there. If you’re going to be using your unit for business items long-term, then the higher price and greater convenience of a lower level will pay off in spades.

If your horizon is shorter, then you can get by with something higher up. Most people can handle going up and down the stairs a few times when they know it won’t last forever. For people with open-ended timelines, though, the ground floor can’t be beaten.

Talk to your local storage facilities and ask them about the different options. They’ll typically be open with you about the benefits of a ground floor unit versus something on a higher floor. It’s in their interest to get you something that’s a good fit, so they can offer some very good insight.

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