Mini Storage Sizes: How Much Space Do You Need?

Storage units are more accessible than ever today as more people enjoy the flexibility and affordability of local units. With a storage unit, you can open up more living space in your home or apartment to live a life free of clutter while still having everything you need.

The size of your storage unit will depend on a few factors. If you’re moving across the country or selling your home, odds are you’ll need something a bit larger to hold all of your things. However, more and more people are renting storage units, not for large life events, but to make the most out of their home space without being overrun by stuff that they don’t use all of the time.

Think about it. You probably have a closet filled with winter coats that you use only three of four months a year. Skis are probably hanging from your garage ceiling and bikes are clogging up the sides. There are a ton of different things we own, but we don’t need to use them all year!

That’s where mini storage units come in. Gone are the days where a storage unit only comes in large or larger. As more people realize they can use mini storage units to maximize space at home, they free up more room for their families and make their houses more comfortable.

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But how much space do you need? How do you know if a mini storage unit will do? Here are some tips on how you can know how big to go for your storage solutions.

Knowing How Much Room You Need

Knowing how much room you need before you sign a lease on a storage unit can save you money and keep storage efficient.

This, of course, depends on how organized you are. Many people tend to grow into their storage unit space. However, if you’re a relatively organized person and have a specific purpose for your mini storage unit in mind, then you shouldn’t be too concerned with the smaller size.

A lot of people find that storing things like winter gear, bikes, or even business inventory in a mini-unit can keep them organized at home. All they have to do is pop over to the storage facility and grab what they need.

Most storage unit facilities are relatively flexible with their lease options. If you rent a mini-unit and find that it’s too small, you should be able to move into a larger unit without too much trouble once something becomes available. So don’t worry too much about running out of space.

What You Can Store in a Mini Storage Unit

We’ve already covered things like storing winter coats and other seasonal gear, but what else can you fit easily in a mini storage unit? Here are some ideas:

christmas decorations

Seasonal Decorations

If you’re a sucker for wreaths and holiday decorations, then a mini storage unit can be perfect for you. No more corners of the basement dedicated to something that you only use for a few weeks out of the year.

Sporting Equipment

Most people are surprised by just how close they can find a storage unit relative to their home. You can store balls, sleds, rackets, and other equipment inside to keep it in good condition and it’s only a short ride away. Grab things on your way to the park to make it a perfect day.

different household appliances on a wooden table

Small Appliances

Do you have a waffle maker at home that you’ve only used for brunch a few times a year? Don’t let it take up valuable space in your home, and instead enjoy the flexibility that a mini storage unit can provide. These types of units are ideal for small appliances you may only need for a birthday here and there or for some holiday cooking.

Your Side Gig

Plenty of artisans use mini storage units to keep inventory so their home business doesn’t take over the living room. Whether you’re making candles or selling t-shirts, a mini storage unit can keep your business organized and prevent any issues from coming up at home. With a rented unit, you don’t have to stress over kids or pets running around or accidentally bumping into any finished product.

man holding stack of books


Books, even after they’ve been read, often carry sentimental value. You may want to revisit the book years down the road or pass them along to a child or friend. Other people keep books that their parents or a special teacher once gave them. These items go well in mini storage units because they stay safe, in good condition, and free up storage space at home.

Whatever you decide to store in a unit, the main thing is that a mini storage unit can grant you more flexibility in the way you live. A lot of people who want to move into cities where there are amazing restaurants, diverse people, and frequent activities, hesitate to move because they’re worried about space. Going into the city would mean downsizing into a smaller apartment and that would mean certain sacrifices.

With a mini storage unit, you can keep your stuff and make the move at the same time.

How Big Are Mini Storage Units?

We get this question a lot. You’ll see different sizes of storage units advertised as “mini”, but a good general rule of thumb is that a mini storage unit is around 5x5x4. You’re dealing with something the size of a large storage locker. It’s not somewhere you’ll stick a couch, but it’s got plenty of room for the small things you don’t want to keep at home.

Call your local storage facility to ask about the availability of mini-units and how big they are. You may be able to find something you can stick bikes and other large items in without any trouble.

Great for a Variety of People

One of the best things about mini storage units is the flexibility. A lot of storage facilities will offer shorter-term leases on mini units because they know many people only need them for months or even weeks at a time.

It doesn’t have to be a year-long commitment on your part. That’s great news for, let’s say, a retired couple that travels a lot and needs a place to store gear while they’re in one location. Here are some other people that get a lot of use out of smaller storage units.

College Students & Recent Grads

When you’re starting out after school, space comes at a premium. College students and recent graduates love mini storage units because they’re a perfect size for the stuff that they have. When you’re uncertain about where you’re going to live in the next six months or you have to share a place, a storage unit can come in very handy.

woman with small clothing business, checking the order before shipping it out

Small Businesses

Running a business typically involves a lot of supplies. There’s paper, computer stuff, parts, and a ton of other things depending on what business you’re in. Across the country, small businesses use storage units to cut down on more expensive commercial space. Just make sure with your facility that it’s ok to operate out of a mini storage unit there.

People Downsizing

If you’re already in a small space like an apartment or small townhome, then a mini storage unit can work great if you’re doing more downsizing. The odds are you don’t have many large items to get rid of, and a mini storage unit can help you decide whether you really don’t need that item. Just stick it in there and see what life is like without it.

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