How to Store Clothes Under Your Bed

From the time you’re at home in your room at your parents’ place, to when you move into your dorm or your first apartment, to as an adult managing your own place, storage is always going to be an issue.

No matter what stage you’re at in your life or how much money you have, you’re probably always going to deal with where to put things. It may not be that you don’t have enough space, though that’s an issue for many people. It could just be that you want things to look a certain way or organize things in a certain manner.

clothes under a wooden base bed

Effective storage solutions make life easier. You can find what you need faster and keep things in better condition for longer.

Most homes have built-in storage in places like closets for basements. Those places, however, inevitably fill up over time. Additionally, there are things you may only need sparingly that you don’t want to store in a high-traffic area.

One place you should consider maximizing storage is under your bed. Indeed, for many of us, underneath the bed is often a wasted space that should have a lot of utility.

People can use the space under beds to store clothes that we don’t use all year or that we need for a special purpose, like exercising. Here are some simple ways you can store clothes under your bed and save room in your closets.

Use Flat Storage Containers

If you go to your neighborhood storage container store or home goods store, you’ll likely find several different types of plastic tubs that you can slide in and out from under your bed quite easily. These are lightweight tubs that will last forever, and they can take a beating.

Some are see-through, and others are colored, but they are affordable enough that you’ll feel fine using a marker to write whatever you’re putting in there on the outside.

These storage containers are great for storing winter clothes that you only use for part of the year or to store things like shoes so you don’t have them strewn about on the floor of your bedroom or in other parts of your house.

Some companies design storage containers specifically to go in the space underneath beds. Do a bit of price comparing online and find where you can get the most for your money. Section out your clothes into categories like “exercise”, “winter”, and “sports” (for things like cleats, jerseys, etc.).

Or Wheeled Bins

If you’re willing to spend a little more money, then wheeled storage bins make getting clothes and putting them back way easier. All you have to do is grab the handle and they slide right out without much effort.

The storage approach for these is essentially the same as with standard plastic tubs, but most of the wheeled containers we see are transparent, so they have that going for them.

elevated bed

Elevate Your Bed

Some people love sleeping high up; if that’s you then adding a few more inches won’t be a big deal. Elevating your bed has been a favorite move among college students and young professionals who often share storage space or are short on room.

The crudest way to do this is with cinder blocks, but you can fancy things up by purchasing a higher bed or buying a longer bed skirt that will cover whatever your bed is sitting on top of.

You may not think a few more inches will make a big difference, but it will. Grabbing things on the go is a lot faster, and you are less constrained in terms of what your storage container size is. That could mean you save money because you don’t have to pay for storage tubs designed specifically for under beds.

Salvage Some Old Dresser Drawers

A short trip to Goodwill or some other consignment store could set you up with a cool storage solution that will last for years. What’s great about this option is that you can make it look nice without breaking the bank.

Look for an old, affordable dresser that has seen better days. You can repurpose the drawers to fit underneath your bed and expand your clothing storage space. What’s more, with some paint, you can make them look nice and they can add a bit of stylish flair to your bedroom.

unused luggage on the bed used for storing excess clothes

Store Clothing in Your Unused Luggage

Do you have duffel bags or suitcases sitting around? Over the past year, most people haven’t been able to travel as much as they normally would have. Our luggage is sitting in the attic or at the bottom of our closets collecting dust.

One great way to store clothing underneath your bed is by using those pieces of luggage.

They offer good protection for fragile clothing items and are well-suited for storing oddly-shaped pieces. You may have to change things up though if you start hitting the road again.

drawers under bed base

Buy a Storage Bed

If you don’t like the thought of temporary storage underneath your bed, you can always buy a bed with permanent storage spaces!

Furniture companies make beds with pullout drawers on the sides or large empty spaces underneath the mattress. You can pull on the handles to reveal what are essentially drawers, or you can lift the bed frame to find a large storage area perfect for seasonal items or extra linens, etc.

Not everyone has the budget to go out and buy a brand new bed, but this is a great choice for people who have a little more wiggle room in their wallets.

woven laundry basket

Stylish Baskets are Perfect for PJs

One neat way to free up space in your dressers and closets is to buy some higher-end baskets and put them underneath your bed. You can put your robe, pajamas, and evening slippers in the baskets for easy access when the day is over and it’s time to relax. Folded nicely, this is an elegant storage solution that will add some zen to your bedroom.

Buy Ready-Made Under the Bed Storage Drawers

Storage product companies know people want to maximize space. As a result, they’re always designing innovative storage solutions, including for under the bed. You can buy attachable canvas drawers that hook onto the side of your bed with a sectional pull-out drawer perfect for clothing and other items.

Just make sure to read the maximum weight these drawers can handle. If you overload them, they can break and it could damage your bed.

This is an ideal storage option for lightweight items like socks or T-shirts. You won’t want to keep shoes in these or anything else too heavy.

wooden drawer under the bed

Try a Wooden Platform Bed

You can buy a bed with shelves built into where empty space would have been. Most beds are on stilts or legs with nothing underneath. With a wooden bed platform, there is room for shelving to go in where you can fold and store clothes that are easy to grab whenever you need them.

These are just some of the storage options available for underneath your bed. Keeping clothing under your bed, especially clothes that you don’t need all of the time, frees up space for you to put more important things in your foyer or bedroom closet.

Staying organized will make life easier and keep your clothing in better condition for years, which will likely end up saving you money. With a little time and effort, you can make your bed more than just where you sleep.

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