How To Store Clothes Without a Closet or Dresser

Managing space effectively is a struggle most homeowners and renters know all too well. You start living somewhere with a certain amount of things like shoes or shirts, but over time, you get more and more. Before you know it, you’re taking over your partner’s closet space or using the spare bedroom as a closet.

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Finding a good place for your clothes changes as well depending on your circumstances. Students hate having to pack up all of their things and lug them back home or to their internship for the summer. As a professional, you need to manage a wardrobe that communicates your personal style and success. However, you feel about it, the way you present yourself can affect your career.

If you’re a parent, storing clothes can be a huge money saver as you keep cherished items from one child while a younger sibling grows. You don’t necessarily want those clothes to take up valuable space in a dresser or closet, but you also don’t want to donate them or throw them away.

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There’s also the challenge of seasonal clothes. Those of us who live in climates where seasons change need a place to store clothes for months at a time. You need them accessible enough to grab them when the weather changes, but you don’t want to stare at them in your closet all year.

Finding the right clothing storage solution takes a bit of ingenuity with a dash of creativity. It’s going to depend on your budget, how much space you have, and how long you need to store them. Here are some of the most popular, easy clothing storage options that don’t involve a closet or dresser. 

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Stackable Baskets and Boxes

One of the easiest clothing storage options is baskets or boxes that can be stacked on top of each other and placed in a basement, storage unit, the attic, or some other space. This is a great choice for hand me downs, winter clothes, formal dresses, and other items. Specialty stores have incredible basket and box choices that stack on each other nicely. Many of them are made of plastic that is very durable and strong enough to last for years.

If you’re planning on using stackable boxes or baskets, think about wrapping your clothing in a breathable garment bag or other protective material before placing them inside. Of course, this is especially important if you’re storing clothing for a long time, like when you’re waiting for a smaller kid to get a bit bigger before they are ready for the clothes. 


Over the Door Shoe Racks 

This is a great invention that has been around for years. Do you hate having your shoes scattered all over the place near the door or in a bedroom? How many times have you bent over to organize them all, only to have them stay nice and tidy for a day or two?

Most homes and apartments have closets right near the main entrance to hang coats and store dog leashes and umbrellas. That’s the perfect location for over the door shoe storage. Stores sell storage solutions that hang over your door with hooks small enough that the door can still fully close. The hooks are attached to a series of shoe “cubbies” that can store your shoes vertically and take up the space between the coat rack and the door. No more piles of shoes at the bottom of your closet or jamming up the doorway. 

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Use the Space Under Your Bed

Space under our beds is, for the most part, underutilized. In many other countries, beds are placed lower or even on the floor. Here in the US, though, we like our beds higher. There is often a half or a full foot of space between the floor and the bottom of our beds. That’s a great space that can be used to store clothes. Many home goods stores sell storage containers designed specifically to fit under your bed. They are short and long, easy enough to slide in and out without difficulty.

These storage containers are ideal for that dress you wear every other week or a suit you want air sealed to store for special occasions only. You can dry clean your clothes before placing them in the storage containers as an added layer of protection. 

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Shelving Racks Along the Walls

Most houses and apartments have empty spaces along the walls that you can take advantage of for more clothing storage. The perfect storage solution for this is shelving racks that provide vertical rows of storage to fit more items in smaller spaces.

Shelving racks come in a variety of styles and prices. There’s bound to be something nice that you can find that is in your price range that looks terrific. What’s more, shelving racks don’t have drawers as dressers do, so they allow for easy and quick access to the clothing items you need. They come in a variety of different colors that you can use to spruce up your room. Most people find the most success using shelving racks for things like shirts and sweaters that can be stacked neatly and look great on shelves. 

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Think About Using a Storage Unit

The growth of storage units in the country means they’re cheaper, offer more accessibility, and are safer than ever. Years ago, most people thought storage units as a place reserved for people who wanted a place to keep the jet skis or the RV when not in use. Storage units were places where people put things while they figured out how to get rid of them.

Nowadays, however, more and more people are using storage units as an effective space management solution. They become extensions of your apartment or home, allowing you to live in a smaller space or finally make that purchase you’ve been thinking about for years but didn’t know how to manage storage.

A good storage unit is the perfect clothing storage solution. They can be rented short-term, ideal for college students who need a place to stick their extra clothing for the summer. They’re also a wonderful place to store the family’s winter clothes, skiing outfits, and other technical clothing that only needs to be used sparingly.

Modern storage facilities are secure and accessible to owners at all hours. You likely have a storage facility that’s closer to home than you think. It’s not out of the realm of possibility to store most of your clothes there, taking a weekly trip to the storage unit to pick up your wardrobe for the coming week. Think about what you can do with all of the space at home without piles of clothing everywhere. 

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Get Creative

Finding the right clothing storage option that doesn’t involve a dresser or closet takes a pinch of creativity to do correctly. With a bit of work, you can find something that is a stylish addition to your home or gives you the flexibility you need for your lifestyle. The main thing you need is the right size, price, and accessibility depending on what type of clothing you’re storing and how often you need to access them.

There are plenty of options, allowing you to grab something in a pinch or store something more long-term without having to worry about it staying safe and in good condition. The right clothing storage solution will help you be worry-free and keep the clothes you love. 

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