Where to Store a Motorcycle: 5 Secure Motorcycle Storage Ideas

Storage options for your motorcycle will depend on how you use it. If it’s a daily driver, you’ll want it to be at home, obviously. However, a lot of bike lovers spend a lot of money on motorcycles. They either want them as collection pieces or as a weekend cruiser. Some storage options protect and preserve motorcycles better than others. The right storage is especially important if you don’t have a big enough garage to fit your bike in. In fact, a lot of motorcycle owners get grief from family members about their bikes taking up valuable garage space. Some people don’t even have garages. Additionally, a lot of bike lovers live in places where it’s not realistic to ride a bike year-round. The right storage option can keep your bike safe, warm and out of the rain or snow during the offseason.

Here are five great motorcycle storage solutions. All of them won’t work for everyone, so read through them to find which one most closely fits your needs.

1. Outdoor Storage

If you live somewhere like California or Arizona where’s there virtually no winter and very little rain, then you may be lucky enough to keep your bike outside. Be careful though, if you live near the beach. Saltwater exposure can trigger rust fasters, so it’s something to be aware of.  Really, there’s not much better than working on your motorbike outdoors with a cold drink on the weekend or after work. Keeping the bike outdoors provides easy access. It’s literally a matter of a few steps to get your helmet on and hit the road. Many owners who store their motorcycles outdoors ride more often and typically get more enjoyment out of the bike. It’s not for everyone, but there are certainly benefits.

When storing a motorcycle outside, safety is a major concern. You’re basically advertising the bike to bad actors who might want to take it. You should add as much security onto the bike’s existing locking mechanisms as possible. Buy a sturdy chain and padlock and make sure to lock it every day when you’re not using it.

2. In Your Garage

Most suburban and rural homes have garages. It’s likely that the vast majority of motorcycle owners keep their bikes on their property in a garage along with cars. We’ve all seen garages that are overrun with storage items. Many homeowners end up leaving an older car outside in the elements to make way for motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and even ping pong tables. Storing your motorcycle in your garage, if you have one, is the best, easiest choice for most owners. Garage-kept motorcycles stay in better condition for longer which will cut down on maintenance costs in the long run.

3. With a Friend or Relative

If you’re lucky enough to know a friend or relative with surplus garage space, then keeping your motorcycle there is a great option. Of course, having the bike stored somewhere other than your own home will limit how often you can use it. However, a lot of bike lovers who live in an apartment building or somewhere that’s not conducive to keeping a motorcycle on-site need different options for storage.

In reality, motorcycles don’t take up a lot of space. A lot of people are happy to do favors for a friend, so don’t be shy about asking an aunt, high school buddy or some other close acquaintance to keep your bike at their place if they have the room. Keeping it there will help you see them more often, give you decent access to your bike and keep it safe and out of bad weather conditions.

4. On a Paid Lot

A paid garage is something motorcycles owners have to deal with if they live in cities where parking options are limited. Paid garages vary widely in services. Cheap lots are basically a free-for-all where customers can find an open spot and get their vehicle at any time. More upscale lots have valet services, dedicated parking spots and even add-on services like washing and detailing. Paid lots are great because motorcycle owners have peace of mind their bike is safe and available. Some lots do, however, have hours restrictions, so the middle of the night rides may be out of the question.

Paid lots are often the most expensive storage option for motorcycles. Expect to be out around a few hundred dollars a month, depending on what city you live in and how close the parking spot will be to your home. That’s fine if you drive the motorcycle daily or every weekend, but the bills can add up and be a source of frustration if you don’t get enough use out of the bike.

Sometimes new motorcycle owners overestimate how much they’ll ride their bikes. They imagine leisure riding it every day after work or weaving through traffic jams to cut down commute times. But occasionally they find riding isn’t something they want to do every day. If a bike sits on a paid lot unused it can irk people. They feel like they can find better ways to spend their money, so the bike becomes a problem instead of a source of joy.

5. In a Self-Storage Unit

More and more self-storage units are providing great options for motorcycle owners. They are more prevalent around the country, in cities and suburban areas. They have extensive security measures to keep valuables safe, and storage facility operators are investing more money than ever to make their units strong and modern. Here are five reasons why self-storage units are the perfect choice for motorcycle storage:

They’re Safe

Storage unit facilities have camera coverage, robust locking mechanisms, around-the-clock onsite security guards, and other security measures to keep customer items safe. Motorcycle owners who spend a lot of money on high-end bikes or collect valuable motorcycles love using self-storage units because they keep their bikes safe.

They’re Accessible

Self-storage units offer broader access than many other storage options. You can get to your motorcycle whenever you want without having to call a friend or relative to see if they’re around. You’re on your own schedule to visit and ride your motorcycles whenever you want.

They Give Protection from Outside Elements

Indoor self-storage units are great for motorcycles because they protect bikes from rain, snow, and direct sunlight. This is critical for valuable and vintage bikes that rely on their condition to retain resale value. Collectors pay careful attention to how a bike looks before they buy a collection piece. They also keep people and cars from running into them. It keeps them in great condition all year. There’s nothing worse than parking a bike outside and discovering that someone ran into it or vandalized it. Keep your bike safe from harm in an indoor storage facility.

They Have Controlled Access

In a self-storage unit, owners get to decide who has access to their motorcycles. The facility managers aren’t permitted to grant access to the unit without prior permission from the owner. This prevents situations that are common when nice motorcycles are stored at a friend’s house or in a paid lot. People love nice bikes, so they sometimes can’t resist sitting on them or posing next to them for a picture. A controlled-access storage unit avoids strangers from touching or moving your bike. You get to be the decision-maker on how your bike is used and when it’s ridden.

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